lucky day!

Well I’m feeling a bit giving today… my friend asked me to come up with a design for a quote she likes “together we make a family” which is going around the internet right now, I guess.  So, its your lucky day because instead of just posting one of my ideas for her, I’m going to post 5 of them!  Take note:  I was not quite certain of her style, so I kind of tried to do something in each genre, if you will, of design.  Including what I like to call “1990 boy band t-shirt” style.  You never know… maybe she was a HUGE NKOTB fan.  Maybe she had the bedding set, a belt buckle, a patch for her back pack, pins, all the CDs, all the animated videos as well as the music videos, a crimper and garb to dress up and perform their dances on the “strip” in Reno at 2 in the morning on a Saturday night with her roommates… I mean… not that I would know what that was like.  Just a shot in the dark there.  I’ve never done such a thing.  Ever.   Just because I STILL dream about being Joey’s and/or Jordan’s Cover Girl does NOT mean that I was flashing back to my glory days in the middle of a professional blog post. (awkward). Anyway…

And remember, these are poor quality images to keep the blog’s memory down.  To get a printable quality version of any of these designs, click below:






*when you view the file 2getherC, it will look messed up.  However, when you download it, it will, in fact, look completely normal.  Not sure why is messing it up in the viewing window. Enjoy!


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