Super Sunday

I’m doing Feel Great in 8 right now, which is an 8 week diet/exercise program to a healthier you. Each of the eight weeks starts on Monday and goes through Sunday.  So, as I see it, I’m not late on this post… I’m just adjusting my life to the Monday-Sunday calendar life!

Well, I went to church today, and because my two year old was sick and I had to teach nursery, I got to go while my husband stayed home with my wee “angel.”  This meant that for the most part, I actually got to hear sacrament meeting!  It was high council Sunday and both the High Councilman and his wife talked about simplifying our lives, focusing on what is important.  He gave a great quote by Leonardo da Vinci that I really liked, and thought “ah, that’s what I need to make today.”  So, without further ado..


link to printable quality:


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