crazy week…

Once again, I’m working on the Monday through Sunday calendar.  Life has been CRAZY this week with church stuff and family stuff… I’m about ready to lose it!  I was so stressed, in fact, that I was tempted to drink a diet coke… such a comfort a diet coke is.  I don’t know why… but I think its ingrained into my DNA.  I remember reaching for a diet coke at a family new years eve party with my aunts and grandma, and they all let me know that the diet cokes were just for the grown ups.  I was bitter.  They could not share one of their diet cokes with me?!  That my favorite and I was stuck drinking the sprite or root beer or whatever they had provided for the “children” (keep in mind, I was like 14 years old.  Its not like I was in a diaper reaching for the silver can of goodness.  Although, I will admit that when my son, Donovan, was a baby I calmed him down on more than one occasion by putting a few ounces of the stuff in a bottle for him.) Anyway, I haven’t had soda since June and I’m REALLY trying to stick with it, but man… sometimes there’s nothing I want more than a Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi (or Coke).  So with that… today’s poster.  Enjoy! (get it… enjoy coke… that’s their slogan… ANYWAY…)



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Dear Santa:

Well, I’m posting this in order to submit a Dear Santa letter to try to win a Silhouette bundle.  I pretty much am in love with my silhouette, and can only imagine how much more awesome the new one would be… going up to 12″ capacity rather than 9″ would be SO AMAZING, and every time I use their software and see the new and improved stuff that I don’t get to usemakes me kind of sad.  So, here’s my attempt at the only way I’m going to get a new one, because Heaven knows we can’t afford that purchase! So good luck to me! 🙂 And if you want to do your own letter, you can CLICK HERE to view their website talking about the contest!

hope floats…

Today I woke up feeling like I needed a bit of inspiration.  (Do you ever have those days?) So, I thought I’d share a quote that I really enjoy from Albert Einstein.

I know not everyone wants an 8×10 of every print, so for this one I put up a 4×6, a 5×7, and an 8×10 option below.  If you ever want any of my prints in a different size, please let me know and I’ll be happy to resize and add a link to it.


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