crazy week…

Once again, I’m working on the Monday through Sunday calendar.  Life has been CRAZY this week with church stuff and family stuff… I’m about ready to lose it!  I was so stressed, in fact, that I was tempted to drink a diet coke… such a comfort a diet coke is.  I don’t know why… but I think its ingrained into my DNA.  I remember reaching for a diet coke at a family new years eve party with my aunts and grandma, and they all let me know that the diet cokes were just for the grown ups.  I was bitter.  They could not share one of their diet cokes with me?!  That my favorite and I was stuck drinking the sprite or root beer or whatever they had provided for the “children” (keep in mind, I was like 14 years old.  Its not like I was in a diaper reaching for the silver can of goodness.  Although, I will admit that when my son, Donovan, was a baby I calmed him down on more than one occasion by putting a few ounces of the stuff in a bottle for him.) Anyway, I haven’t had soda since June and I’m REALLY trying to stick with it, but man… sometimes there’s nothing I want more than a Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi (or Coke).  So with that… today’s poster.  Enjoy! (get it… enjoy coke… that’s their slogan… ANYWAY…)



Printable version:


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