Nothing TOO exciting

I am MIA for six months and then I come back with nothing too exciting.  I apologize.  But my friend Staci asked me to send her a copy of Shey’s chore chart, so I decided to make it a post and kill two birds with one stone!  It’s very simple, and I just laminated it and use dry erase markers to fill it in every day.  I’ve put a link to a blank template so you can customize it however you want.  Hope that helps!

A few of my personal tips on chore charts, not that I’m any type of super mom, but these are the things that have worked best for us:

1. Don’t nag… either she gets it done or she doesn’t.  You can read that I give her extra money for taking initiative and doing it without being asked at all.  But most of them she gets one reminder and that’s about it.  If she doesn’t get them done, she doesn’t get the cash, but it saves me from a lot of frustration and yelling.

2. Find some chores that they already do in their daily routine so that they are earning SOMETHING… if all the chores ore difficult, it will seem impossible to get any money and they won’t try at all.

3. Let them earn money.  This gives you an opportunity to teach them savings and tithing.  I learned this from a Relief Society lesson that Staci gave in my last ward, and that is the reason I decided to switch to a cash system rather than a rewards system.

4. Don’t buy treats at the store… let them buy them!  This has been the one nice part about having Shey earn cash:  I don’t buy her anything that’s not necessary anymore.  If she wants to save her money she can.  It makes it a lot nicer than just saying no to her in the toy aisle.  I can just say “well, if you want it then save your money” or “do you think its worth spending your money on?”  Then I’m not so much of the bad guy anymore.

2. Pay every week!  I’m three weeks behind and now I gotta fork out a truck-load of cash to my seven year old!

chore chart-page-001

CLICK HERE to find the blank template that you can download.