Well, before we moved to Podunk, Utah, I gave my last lesson in SLC Married 4th Ward Relief Society.  Not to go into a sob story, but life has been difficult for me the past few months.  It always is, being in a new place, but I feel like this is one of the hardest moves I’ve had to make since I’ve been married.  I think that it is because it is so permanent… I don’t do well with permanent.  My previously mentioned lesson was on “blooming where you’re planted” and I had made these handouts in hopes of using one of them in that lesson.  I don’t remember now if I gave a handout or not, but I stumbled across these today and thought I could put them on here in case anyone else needed a little reminder. I know  I did!

They are all 4″x6″ and as always, there’s a link on the bottom of the page for the print-quality version.  Happy day to you… :laura.







Click on the name for printable quality versions of: bloom1, bloom2, bloom3, bloom4.