My Version

So I tried a new technique for transferring ink onto a sign.  I had a piece of wood that was long and skinny that I wanted my “Come Thou Fount” song on, and I really liked it in this westerny old looking font, but I knew that cutting it out in vinyl and painting it would be quite a challenge.  So, I decided to try a technique I found here: I actually used the version in her comments section that said to use a transparency instead of cardstock.

It worked pretty well.  I did have a bit rip off, and you could see where the glue was because on the wood it looked like sunburn peeling skin, if you know what I mean.  But I touched up a few spots with black paint and touched up a few other spots with blue paint where the ink had spread, distressing it with brown ink pad, and then ended up mod podging the whole thing to get rid of the glue marks.  I think overall it turned out how I wanted it… with a very aged/distressed look.  If you want me to post my pdf files of this so you can try out this transfer method yourself let me know!P1030491


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