My Version part 2

Okay, so here is the PDF for my Come Thou Fount that I did in the last post.  I have to say that I had three friends see this board this week and say “Oh, its a lot smaller than I thought!”  Yes, this is a 1×6 board that is 23 inches long.  I’m sure you could blow this up bigger if you wanted to, but I really actually like how small it is.  It is not a focal point in my room, but it adds a cute pop of blue and a positive message… what more could you want?! 🙂

I have to say that I was putting up a mirror in my living room this week and my first thought was “what words do I put on this?”  It was very difficult to put an item on my wall that did not serve as a reminder of good, either through words or through picture {family, temple, Christ, etc}.  But, I put it up anyway.  It is my “check your teeth/face before answering the door” mirror that I have been wanting for a while.  So it does serve a purpose, even though it doesn’t appear to.  I know, I’m a dork. 🙂

So here is the Come Thou Fount PDF

And here is a little simple something I made for a handout for my Relief Society lesson yesterday.  It is not an LDS quote, but I really liked it.  Being that the Visiting Teaching messages are all on Christ this year, I figured it might be a good thing to keep handy if one of the lessons is about mercy/repentance/the atonement.  So, it is just a little 4×6 that you could throw in a dollar store frame or stick a magnet to the back. Here it is:


And here is the link to the printable version.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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