Great Reminder

Two weeks ago was my birthday.  I had the wonderful opportunity to see some of my friends in Salt Lake for lunch.  Having friends is something that I never have been great at, and never really put a lot of effort into, but the older I get, the more I realize how important they really are.  My friend Megan had asked me to make this printable for her, and bless her heart for asking me! I am glad to know that I have a friend somewhere in the world (okay, only an hour and a half away, but it seems like further!) that would ask me to do something for her.  That is what friends are for, right?!  To help us, to lift us up, and to make us better.  that is what Megan did for me and I was grateful that she asked me to do this.  Not only because it gave me the chance to do something for her, but because it gave me the chance to work on my talents, and also, most importantly, it reminded me that friends are important. So, Megan, I don’t know if this was AT ALL what you had in mind, but hopefully you like it! 🙂



Oh, and I really didn’t know what color scheme you wanted, either, so here are four more options:



Here are the links to all the printable-quality in 8×10 format:

yellow words and blue bird

black words and red bird

rainbow words

grey words and pink bird

grey words and blue bird


Please let me know if you want this formatted in another size or another color… I’d be happy to oblige! Otherwise, ENJOY!


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