been a while.

Well, I was thinking it was about time to post something again.  But everything I’ve done lately I either haven’t liked, or it was something for the Elders Quorum, or it just wasn’t really something I thought anyone else would like.  I’ve been lacking in the creativity field I guess. But to give you some hope, a few weeks before I had Donovan, I started nesting and went crazy with the projects, so if you can be patient for a few more months hopefully that will happen again and I will have a smorgasbord of things for you!

This one is something I did when I first moved here.  I made the sign for a neighbor and have secretly wished ever since that I kept it for myself.  I guess I just need to make myself one, but much easier said than done!


I love how it turned out.  I did my usual “paint, stick on vinyl, paint, peel off vinyl” technique, but I didn’t sand it a whole lot after I did that.  I liked the clean lines and less-antiqued look.

This project is a little different than previous projects because I’m giving you the silhouette studio file.  So, if you have a silhouette you can open the file and save it to your library or just cut it or whatever you want.  If you don’t and you really want this, let me know and the next time I’m cutting I will make you one.

Here’s the file … I’ve never tried to upload a .studio file before, so let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll try to figure it out.  ENJOY!


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