half empty, half full…

I tend to be a negative person… by nature, I am not an optimist, so sometimes I need a little reminder that life is all about perspective.  We can make a choice to see the good, and whether we look for the good or the bad, we’ll find it.

I found this quote on pinterest a while back and have been wanting to do something with it ever since.  As my wonderful friend Nova always does, she gently nudged me this week and reminded me that it has been a while since I let the creative juices flow on this site!  I have been caught up in baby stuff and making invitations for Elders Quorum Activities… leaving not a lot of desire to create anything for myself.  But, thanks to her nudge, I sat down at the computer today and cranked this out.  Hope you like it!

I made one basic, and then distressed one, too, so that you can choose which style fits you better.  Enjoy!

*PS These are showing up VERY VERY neon green on my screen right now.  The originals are NOT so blinding. If you go to the download, you can see that they should show up correctly there. Also, these are in an 8×10 format.  Please let me know if you need another size! I’m not sure why my screen is stretching the distressed one, but they really are the same size.  (Sorry I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure this weird stuff out!)



Links to the printable quality downloads:  PLAIN   and   DISTRESSED