Happy Shower!

So, next week I’m hosting a baby shower for my baby sister.  It’s kind of weird that she is having a baby.  But mostly awesome.  I’m very excited for her and Dan to welcome a little one into their home.  I think they’ll be great parents, and it’s always fun to see people make the transformation from no kids to their lives being over as they know it.  Don’t get me wrong, having kids is the most amazing, rewarding thing that I have ever done.  It is also the hardest, most tiring, most overwhelming thing I’ve ever done.  I’m sure all mothers relate.

Anyway, I made some prizes for the games.  I am not anti-party games like some people are.  But my theory is that part of the reason people are anti-part games is because the prizes are usually things that we don’t really want/need anyway… lotion, candle, dollar store pedicure kit where the nail clippers snap in half on your first use… you get the picture.  So, I tried to make some prizes that would be worth the effort of these ladies to participate.   I don’t know if they’ll like them or not, but I tried.


I printed my printables, mod-podged them (only on the back side, I didn’t cover the front as I didn’t want the glossy mod-podge look) onto blocks I bought at Wood Connection (for $2.30 including the little knob on top) painted and tied a knot on top.  Good to go. For under $10 I had four gifts that are hopefully a little better than hand sanitizer or a candy bar! (*Although, I have to admit that I’ve seen pinterest ideas of nail polishes as the prizes, and I would TRY for a nail polish, believe you me!)

You could do this, or simply print and frame.  These are only 5×7 sizes because that is what I made, but let me know if you need a different size!





*Note from the photograph that these are once again not quite as bright in the printable as wordpress is making them on the screen.  At least my screen, I’m assuming yours, too.

Print 5x7s from these links:

Read me a story

Let everything you do

Give Thanks

I am brave




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