Prophets are Wise

My lesson for YW tomorrow is on the prophets and why we should follow them. I have posted my basic lesson plan, but today I made a handout for the girls. It was a quote by President Monson that I really liked, and I felt like it summed up the responsibility of a prophet: to remind us who we are and tell us what God expects of us.

remember who you are I sustain the prophet of the church through not only raising my hand, but through my thoughts and actions as well. I believe he is called of God to lead this church and to help us on this journey called life. I’m grateful for President Monson and all he does for us and teaches us. I’ve included a link for a 8×10 AND for 3.5x5s that can be cut and handed out. I found some simple frames at walmart (2 for $1.88) that I put mine in, but they are cute just printed, too.

Link to 8×10
Link to 3.5×5



Okay, so this is not my normal post, but I was recently called to serve the Young Women in my ward, and I have made a Jeopardy game for the prophets lesson I am giving in two weeks. So, I thought I’d share it if anyone is looking for an idea to teach about prophets to their girls. (Also, I think my handout is going to be different quotes from Monson that they will get to choose from and I’m going to put them on wood or frame them in cheap frames. Once I get those done I’ll put the links on here too!)

Here is the link to the powerpoint

Here is the game notes and the rest of the lesson:

OT200- Lehi. Why was it important for Lehi’s family to listen to him and leave Jerusalem?
OT400- Moses. Following the prophet led them out of slavery, saved their lives.
OT600- Abinadai. Think of everything that happened because Alma listened to this prophet… church was established, Alma was the next prophet, his son Alma the Younger had his experiences… basically last half of the Book of Mormon!
OT800-Samuel the Lamanite – did they listen? Some did, and they were able to prepare and have faith.
OT1000- Elijah- what happened to this woman for listening to the prophet? Her food never ran out again.
SITB200-prophets. they are experienced and know what is to come, they can help us if we listen to them
SITB400-the church. Brigham Young talked about staying in the boat and how it was the only way to not fall astray
SITB600-when life is easy. Brigham Young said that sometimes when life is easy we want to relax a little bit, maybe get out of the boat for a swim, but we will drift off to sea and become lost if we do that.
SITB800-trials. when we experience trials in life, it can shake our testimony, it makes life hard. If we give up and get out of the boat we will surely drown. It is better to stay in the boat and grab stronger hold of it to stay safe.
SITB1000-scriptures. reading scriptures and prophets of old will help give us added strength & safety through life
V200- prophets. The scriptures teach us that whether by the voice of the Lord or His servants, it is the same.
V400- President. He is the head of our church, religiously and organizationally.
V600-sustaining. We have to do more than just raise our hands, right? Our actions should also sustain the prophet’s teachings.
V1000- seer. Joseph Smith was a seer, he could see our day. Any other seers in the scriptures? Isaiah, Nephi, etc
PM200- Joseph Smith, Jr.
PM400- Thomas S. Monson
PM600- Brigham Young
PM800- Gordon B. Hinckley
PM1000- Lorenzo Snow
POP200- PROPHET. Elder Holland
POP400-PROPHET. President Uchtdorf
POP600- PRINCESS. Gasteau in Ratatouille
POP800- PROPHET. President Monson
POP1000-PRINCESS. Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas
The interesting thing about Jeopardy is that unlike any other game show, the contestants ASK the QUESTIONS, and the host GIVES the ANSWERS.
In the church, should we ask questions? YES! If Joseph Smith hadn’t asked questions, we wouldn’t even have a church! The Lord has provided us with prophets and leaders to answer these questions for us, whether they are prophets of the scriptures or modern day prophets.
Does anyone have an example of a time when listening to the prophet’s council helped them?
When I was in high school, I was wondering if it was okay if my ears were pierced. I was thinking about how it could be seen as defiling our bodies, just like we aren’t supposed to get tattoos. After a few months of wondering about this, President Hinckley spoke to the youth about how one pair of earrings in your ears was okay. I really felt like he was answering me and my question personally. I was grateful for that example and it taught me that any questions, no matter how big or small they are, I can turn to the Lord’s prophets with.
I know that is a simple example, but the prophets and other leaders really will answer any questions we have. And just like the gameshow, if we ask the right questions and find the right answers, we will gain a reward. A testimony, faith, hope, joy, strength…
I want to clarify, though, something that I’ve been thinking about lately. The world has twisted this idea. They argue about women not holding the priesthood or gay marriage or whatever they want to complain about, and they say that we claim that we are a church of asking questions, but when they ask they get put down. There is a difference between asking questions and questioning authority. For example, if a cop pulls you over, you are allowed to ask him a question, ask him why you were pulled over, but if you question his authority and yell at him and say he is stupid and not doing his job correctly… what’s going to happen? Nothing good, I promise you that! The Lord has never given us the authority to question the prophet. He has always said that the prophet says what Heavenly Father and Jesus want him to say, and nothing more. Questioning the prophet is questioning God. But to ask questions, to have a desire to understand more… that is also said in the scriptures time and time again. Ask, and you shall receive. If any man asks God… if these things are true… he will know the truth of all things.
We have been blessed with prophets and apostles. When our world is in jeopardy, when we face hard things and when our faith is put to the test every day, they are there for us to help us understand what we should do.

Happy Mother’s Day!

My friend Brooke asked me to make this quote into a sign for her so she can give it to her mom for Mother’s Day. I love when people ask me to do things because if I’m not making something for myself, I really don’t force myself to sit down and just create. So, thanks, Brooke, for the opportunity! Hopefully one of these works for you, but if you want something changed (colors, font, size, whatever…) just let me know! As always, the colors are brigher on here than they are going to be on the printable (check out the link to see what they actually look like!), and there are links at the bottom to the printable quality 8″x10″ JPEGS (I think I usually do PDFs, huh?!) so let me know if something isn’t working and I’ll take care of it! Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!handprint1 handprint2 handprint3 handprint4 handprint5

Link to #1

Link to #2

Link to #3

Link to #4

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