Happy Mother’s Day!

My friend Brooke asked me to make this quote into a sign for her so she can give it to her mom for Mother’s Day. I love when people ask me to do things because if I’m not making something for myself, I really don’t force myself to sit down and just create. So, thanks, Brooke, for the opportunity! Hopefully one of these works for you, but if you want something changed (colors, font, size, whatever…) just let me know! As always, the colors are brigher on here than they are going to be on the printable (check out the link to see what they actually look like!), and there are links at the bottom to the printable quality 8″x10″ JPEGS (I think I usually do PDFs, huh?!) so let me know if something isn’t working and I’ll take care of it! Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!handprint1 handprint2 handprint3 handprint4 handprint5

Link to #1

Link to #2

Link to #3

Link to #4

Link to #5


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