Prophets are Wise

My lesson for YW tomorrow is on the prophets and why we should follow them. I have posted my basic lesson plan, but today I made a handout for the girls. It was a quote by President Monson that I really liked, and I felt like it summed up the responsibility of a prophet: to remind us who we are and tell us what God expects of us.

remember who you are I sustain the prophet of the church through not only raising my hand, but through my thoughts and actions as well. I believe he is called of God to lead this church and to help us on this journey called life. I’m grateful for President Monson and all he does for us and teaches us. I’ve included a link for a 8×10 AND for 3.5x5s that can be cut and handed out. I found some simple frames at walmart (2 for $1.88) that I put mine in, but they are cute just printed, too.

Link to 8×10
Link to 3.5×5


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