About Me

My name is Laura Bloomfield.  I am a mother of three beautiful handfuls, an eleven year old girl, a six year old boy, and a two year old girl, sweetly known in our house as “Beast.”  They are the joy of my life.  I have a darling husband, Nigel, who supports me and loves me despite all my shortcomings.  He is the most wonderfully wonderful man that I know and I feel so grateful to have him by my side in this journey known as life.  I went to school to become a graphic designer, but ended up getting married and pregnant and never finished school.  I don’t regret my choices for a second, but I do still try to find ways to keep my creative juices flowing.

Flavor Designs is a company I wanted to start up when my first daughter was born.  I get very frustrated when small businesses (or large ones for that matter) have ugly flyers, logos, posters, etc.  I wanted to help them create more appealing graphics at a very low cost.  I created my logo and my dream, but never got around to actually setting out on this adventure.  I found motherhood to be much more fulfilling (and busy!)  I just worked on simple projects here and there for my family, my church, and my friends.

I decided to start this blog so that I would be challenged to stay creatively active.  I hope that others like what I do, but even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter.  This is just for me.


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